Are you an entrepreneur, or are you responsible for people and tasks in another way? Whether you are currently experiencing a crisis or if you are facing great opportunities, there are always some essential questions when it comes to existential things:

In the difficult case:

  • How do I phrase my problem?
  • How do I make myself understood in the middle of the crisis?
  • How (and by what means) do I find a way out?

In the positive case:

  • How do I express my hopes, my conviction, so that the future does indeed look bright?
  • How can I formulate concrete concepts that then have a high probability of success?
  • How do I “instrumentalize” my plans? And how do I finance them?

If you look closely, both cases – the positive as well as the negative – have similarities, far beyond the external: The crisis can often be an opportunity, and in many “opportunities” there are hidden crises.

The core question remains in both: How do I present myself and my company, and above all how do I present my current concern as something full of chances?

This is exactly where we can help you.